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“We are thrilled to bring Edwin and Michael Ray back for the third straight year for our leadership, operations, and sales team. They connected to every person. I saw people who never say anything at work open up, laugh, cry, and learn.” ~ Brian Holmes


Michael Ray, CEO of Edge Global, Inc., is a resilient serial entrepreneur who co-founded the company based on his personal struggles and self-taught methodologies.
Influenced by notable figures like Zig Ziglar, he embraced the opportunity to give back and became the CEO of Zig Ziglar International in 2012. Michael Ray’s commitment to growth led him to produce the inspiring Zig Ziglar documentary “Born to WIN” and rebrand the company as ‘Edge Global.

Today, Michael Ray is highly sought after as a coach, consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker. With over 30 years of experience as a entrepreneur, he has successfully built, acquired, and sold numerous companies. His ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world sets him apart. Despite his achievements, Michael Ray remains down-to-earth, owning and managing multiple million dollar companies, and maintaining a passionate and enthusiastic approach in all areas of his life. This unwavering drive is what keeps him at the forefront of success in every aspect of his journey.


Edwin is a seasoned executive with a passion for sales and marketing, currently serving as the President of Sales & Marketing at Edge Global.
With a keen interest in professional sales philosophy, Edwin was first introduced to Zig Ziglar’s teachings in 1987, and since then, he has been deeply influenced by Zig’s wisdom.

Throughout his impressive 28-year career, Edwin consistently achieved remarkable success, earning the prestigious title of the #1 ranked salesperson at every company he worked for. Recognized for his exceptional skills and expertise, Edwin has spent the past 15 years establishing himself as a highly sought-after National Speaker and Expert Sales Trainer.

His extensive experience has granted him the opportunity to collaborate with renowned global brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, NAPA, and Miller Brewing Company. Edwin’s dedication to his craft and his ability to deliver exceptional results make him an invaluable asset in the world of sales and marketing.

Mindset of a Champion

“Over the course of one year and several sessions, Edwin and Michael Ray helped shape our future and transform our minds to be Champions; all by putting the people first and giving our team the mindset they needed for us all to be successful.”

Rich Levene
General Manager, ADESA Auto Auctions

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Mindset of a Champion "Design Serious"

Leadership/sale/culture development/ speaking/entrepreneurial, business systems.

“The most dynamic, impactful & motivational duo in America today!”
CEO WORLD Magazine


Learn Six High-Impact Strategies for Effective Leadership & Influencing:

Business By Design
Business by Design” is a comprehensive deep dive into the five critical areas of your business: that secures growth of your business and personal freedom for you by using sustainable process, procedures, and systems within your day to day operations.
“Edwin and I invite you to develop the mindset of a champion in all aspects of your life. You deserve it!!
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